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Dog Eat Dog biography 1994 - 1995

Dog Eat Dog may be a household name to people nowadays, an overnight sensation to others, but there's a lot more to the story than that, so here goes...

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1994-1995 All Boro Kings
Dog Eat Dog began playing up and down the East Coast of the U.S. and were soon offered a European tour. Their first tour overseas saw them supporting Hardcore/Reggae legends (and BIG TIME influences...) Bad Brains, and hip hop group The Goats. DED had the opening slot and played many nights just as the doors were opening. Still, they pushed on getting good reviews wherever they played, and still having FUN. The Bad Brains helped DED in many ways that tour, showing them the do's and don'ts of touring in other countries, and crossing borders with bad things (girls,drugs, girls on drugs..) It was a lasting friendship between bands, and Daryl Jenifer would later play a big role with DED down the road.
Now it was time to go back to the US and record a full length LP for release the next summer

Armed with a more worldly knowledge, and a more open mind to the outside world, DED once again locked themselves up in Dave's basement and began writing. When they emerged from the basement, they went into the studio and recorded ALL BORO KINGS. The band had obviously grown from their experiences and sharpened their skills as musicians. "ABK" also brought the saxophone into the foreground of their songs. Tracks like "GOOD TIMES", "WHO'S THE KING", and the hugely successful "NO FRONTS" all screamed with sax and gave them a trademark sound, separating them from the rest. Daryl Jenifer (Bad Brains) also returned to do a "Dancehall" reggae verse on "WHO'S THE KING".

It was at this time that Dan Nastasi said he couldn't go on tour for long periods of time because of family and business obligations. So Sean set out to find a guitarist who has had experience, on and off the road, and could handle the drinking that would take place on the tour. He quickly returned with old friend Parris Mayhew (of the legendary Cro-Mags) to fill the slot.

Sean & Dave in 1988
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DED with Parris Mayhew
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So with a new record in stores, the band set out to go touring Europe once again, this time opening for old friends BIOHAZARD. Once again showing friendship is everything in a business full of backstabbers, BIOHAZARD showed DED every courtesy possible, and made for a great tour all around. With a full powerhouse band under their belt, they jumped head-first into the BIOHAZARD tour. This proved to be a HUGE success for DED. They received critical acclaim for both the record and their non-stop live performances, earning them fans all over the world. "ABK" went on to sell over 600,000 records worldwide, and saw their video for "NO FRONTS" the remix in heavy MTV rotation. Returning from the tour, Parris had to get back to work directing videos and putting together his new band WHITE DEVIL. So DED were again looking to fill another slot. DED was never a band who put ads in the papers, or hung up signs at musician hangouts, they always looked for friends to play with. So when it came time to replace Parris, they called upon an old friend named Marc DeBacker. Marc had been around for years playing bass for MP, but was actually a guitar player trying to get out!!! So, they asked Marc to play guitar on the next trip. He quickly agreed and said he already knew all the material anyway.

It was at this time that "Spinal Tap" syndrome struck once again, and the band parted ways with Dave "Mopey" Maltby. Mopey had fulfilled his dreams of touring the world in a rock band and moved on to his many other conquests he had planned in his life. The band wished him well, and he was off. He has since put together a project called "THE SHINING PATH", and is now playing shows around NYC, ironically enough, with Daryl from the Bad Brains and the members of Roguish Armament.

Brandon Finley
Brandon Finley
Enter Brandon Finley...his long list of credits proved to be even taller than he was. Not only being a phenomenal drummer, but a touring veteran and a BEER connoisseur, Brandon fit in perfectly. With no time wasted DED got the show back on the road.
Mtv would also prove to be a medium to help the band achieve it's status. In late 1995, Mtv's European music awards nominated DED as a Breakthrough Artist of The Year. This was a viewers choice award, the winner receiving the most phone calls voting for them. Although DED was amazed to be even nominated, they knew they would never beat the likes of Alanis Morrisette who sold over 5 million records already, or Weezer who were also storming the charts at the time. But on Thanksgiving night 1995, they were voted Breakthrough Artists of the year. After being presented the award by the late Michael Hutchense, they drank the night away proud of what they had done, and even prouder of the fans who put them there. Not bad for Brandon's first "public appearance" with the band.

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