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About Brandon Finley

Brandon Finley
Brandon 'the foot of Doom' Finley
Instrument: Drums

Equipment: Brilliant A ZILDGIAN cymbals, Big Drums, DW Turbo pedals, Vic Firth sticks

Influence: Life

Favorite music: Chuck Brown, Rage Against The Machine, bad brains, James Brown, P-Funk

Home: Washington D.C.

Likes: Busting shit up, rocking live shows

Dislikes: Cigarettes, bad smells

Fave Food: Grilled, boneless, skinless chicken

Fave TV: CNBC Market Wrap Up

Fave Bar: The Brickskellar, Washington D.C.

Pets: Hell no!

Contact: on Myspace

Some random photos of Brandon Finley

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Brandon Finley 2
Brandon Finley 3
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