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Dog Eat Dog discography

The complete Dog Eat Dog discography. Read everything about Warrant, All Boro Kings, Pay Games, Amped and Walk With Me. Click on any album for more info, lyrics, soundclips and tabs. If you want you can also download Dog Eat Dog mp3's on the mp3 page or view all Dog Eat Dog lyrics.


Walk with Me cover smallDog Eat Dog - Walk With Me  (2006)
12 songs including Summertime, Walk With Me & MILF
Walk With Me | download Walk With Me

Amped cover smallDog Eat Dog - Amped  (1999)
12 songs including Expect The Unexpected & Whateverman.
Amped | download Amped

Play Games cover smallDog Eat Dog - Play Games  (1996)
11 songs including Rocky, Isms & Step Right In.
Play Games | Play Games special edition | download Play Games

All Boro Kings cover smallDog Eat Dog - All Boro Kings  (1994)
10 songs including No Fronts, Who's The King & If these are the good times.
All Boro Kings | All Boro Kings special edition | download All Boro Kings

Warrant cover smallDog Eat Dog - Warrant  (1993)
6 track EP including In The Doghouse & Dog Eat Dog.
Warrant | download Warrant


DVD cover smallDog Eat Dog - Dynamo Open Air 1995   (2005)
Full Dog Eat Dog performance at Dynamo Open Air '95.
Dynamo Open Air '95


summertime single smallSummertime
01) Summertime
02) Showtime
expect the unexpected single smallExpect The Unexpected
01) Expect the Unexpected
  (Radio edit)
02) Always the Same
03) Expect the Unexpected
  (Rockin' In Rio mix)
single smallStep Right In
01) Step Right In (Wisedog remix)
02) Step Right In (and Ypsilon
    Steps In)
03) Step Right In (FPM
    Entertaiment mix)
04) Step Right In (Junkie Xl mix)
05) Step Right In (SEDA mix)
04) Step Right In (album version)
single smallIsms
01) Isms
02) Getting Live (ft. Roguish
03) Isms (Royale with
  cheese remix)
04) Isms (instrumental with
single smallRocky
01) Rocky (radio version)
02) Hi-Lo (live Pinkpop '96)
03) Exclusive interview
04) Rocky
single smallNo Fronts (the remixes)
01) No Fronts (Jam Master Jay's
  main edit)
02) No Fronts (Cleane Green
03) No Fronts (PsychoLesPass)
04) No Fronts (Jam Master
  Jay's Tv)
single smallWho's The King?
01) Who's the King? (slight remix)
02) Pull My Finger (live)
03) Think (live)
04) Dog Eat Dog (live)
single smallIf These Are The Good Times
01) If These Are The Good
  Times (remix)
02) No Fronts (edit)
03) More Beer
04) Why Does It Hurt When
  I Pee?
single smallNo Fronts
01) No Fronts (LP version)
02) No Fronts (Not Pearl Jam mix)
03) No Fronts (PsychoLesPass)