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This is the first song from the upcoming Czech crime / comedy movie " Not now, Peaches " by Horrorwatch production. Music - Dave Neabore, Drums - Chris Hawkins, Produced and engineered by Caleb Lowrey. Recorded at Sam Ash - Paramus, NJ. December 2014.

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Eamon O'Neill from Uber Rock did an exclusive interview with Dave Neabore at the Sonisphere earlier this year:
Uber Rock: "The first time you guys played at a UK festival I think was at Donington in 1996?"
Dave: "Yeah, that was a big one, opening for Kiss and Ozzy. For Dog Eat Dog those were two of the bands that basically inspired us and are among our favourite of all time. So that was a huge moment for us. In the UK we had been working really hard and doing a lot of promotion and press and MTV, and it kind of culminated at that festival where it was our shining moment in England."
Full interview here.

Thanks to Jay FTBX! Also check out No Fronts and Rocky uploaded by punkagaz.

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