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Old school stuff: No Fronts with Billy G. from Biohazard on sax shot somewhere in Europe back in 1994. Thanks to stonefilmsnyc for this awesome video and check the profile for more hardcore!

Brand New Breed Happy 27 birthday Dog Eat Dog!!! The guys have a very special surprise for you all: a gift for all you wonderful fans! Enjoy Dog Eat Dog's new Brand New Breed Ep for FREE exclusively at their new website Expect more updates from the road, straight from the band, be able to buy their music online and more. So what are you still doing here? Go listen to a Brand New Breed!

Brand New Breed Spring Tour 2017 Six new dates added to the Brand New Breed spring 2017, including shows in Croatia, Poland and Switzerland. Also, support for the April 10 to 18 shows? Tuxedoo, go check them out!

"Dog Eat Dog loves a celebration! 2015 was the 25th year anniversary of the bands start. 2016 we celebrated the 20 year anniversary of “Play Games” album and 10 years of our last release, 2006 “Walk With Me”. 2017 there are no anniversaries to speak off. 2017 will be about NEW Dog Eat Dog. For the first time in over 10 years we will roll out new material."

"Sparked by long time friend and support guitarist Roger Hammerli maturation into a full member of the group we will release a 4-song collection for the public to coincide with the Brand New Breed spring 2017 club tour. Dog Eat Dog will release the new music in partnership with CD baby for physical copies and the material will be available thru all major streaming services. The Ep will be available for purchase at the live shows on tour. We plan on creating music videos for all 4 songs and plan on spending down time in 2017 creating more new content. The first song/video released will be “XXV” a love letter to the fans written to commemorate the 25-year anniversary of Dog Eat Dog The video will be available thru a partnership to be named shortly in early 2017 with a second video before the tour and a third to coincide with the start of the Brand New Breed tour."

"The tour will celebrate all the music of the band from Allboro Kings to the new tracks. Expect a high energy, party atmosphere that we are known for. There will be a support act sharing the stage and the nightliner. Find out what most cities in EU already know, Dog Eat Dog is one of the best live acts in hard edge music. Big beats, chunky guitars, sing along choruses and tight raps with a touch of soulful saxophone. Get ready for a Brand New Breed!!"

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