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Dave posted something really cool on his Instagram-feed yesterday! A photo of the MTV-award Dog Eat Dog won back in 1995! MTV Award Dog Eat Dog
"Today, April 1st, is Dog Eat Dog's 24th birthday (no joke!) I thought I'd post something special for the occasion. Here is the MTV award we won in 1995 for breakthrough artist. We beat Alanis Morrisette and Weezer for this thing! I just want to thank both my bandmates and all our friends and fans who supported us for all these great years!! #dogeatdog #allborokings #roadrunnerrecords #roadrunner"

Congratulations to Dog Eat Dog. They've turned 24 today! It's been 24 years since the guys started the band back in 1990. If you want to join the celebration and congratulate Dog Eat Dog you can do so during one of the many concerts this year. The guys usually hang around the merch booth drinking beer and chatting with fans after the show!

Lukas 'horrorwatch' Zakamerou made this cool promovideo for the upcoming All Boro Kings 20th anniversary tour 2014!

Dog Eat Dog tour 2014
Lot's of new tourdates including Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia!

Knebworth Park Sonisphere
Yes Dog Eat Dog will go back to the UK this year! Sonisphere get ready for Dog Eat Dog!

Thanks Lukas Horrorwatch!

Merch Dog Eat Dog t-shirt
Looking for Dog Eat Dog merch? You can now buy official Dog Eat Dog merch from You can change the language of the site to English and the prices to euro in the upper left corner. Shipping outside Poland is € 12,-. Or you could buy a shirt at one Dog Eat Dog's shows (and get it signed after the show!).

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