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Legal Issues

The official Dog Eat Dog website created by Martijn Couprie has been given a license according to the Creative Commons Name-Non-commercial-No derivative works 2.0 license.
Based on the work on
Creative Commons License

For those of you unfamiliar with the Creative Commons it simply means I have created a 'letter' stating what you can and cannot do with all or any part(s) of this website. I maintain this website to keep fans up to date about everything that has to do with Dog Eat Dog. If using parts of this website helps doing that I'm fine with it and so is Dog Eat Dog.

You are allowed to use part(s) of this website, including images, videos etc. But only if you put up a link back to on your website, blog or other place where you want to use it. Got questions? Feel free to email me.

Finally please note that I use Google Analytics to track all visits to If you don't want your visits tracked please use Ghostery or any other Analytics opt-out plugin / extensions.