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Dog Eat Dog - All Night lyrics

you work like a dog 5 days a week
it sounds bleak
and you feel it's never gonna end
I recommend
that you chill for a sec
take a deep breath
and think about the weekend
where you are going to
what you gonna do
you spend 5 days dying
now live it up for 2
I'm talkin' friday, saturday
nothin' really matter day
take it to the limit and recover on sunday!
paycheck cashed, no responsibility
free to lose your mind and enjoy the insanity
time to be lazy
time to get crazy
monday morning comes it'll all be hazy
What I say?
no price to pay
from a pawn to a player
and an all night sprayer
going hard you're the man
give yourself a big hand
made it through the week
now it's off to the promise land

come on, come on everybody
let's get together and party
let's start this party right
gonna lose your minds tonight
looking all around the world
calling all my dogs and girls
if you feel it sing along
gonna party all night

now it's time to shine
let them see how it's done
you need to show the people
what it means to have fun
get up on the table
if you're willing and able
prove to everybody that you're mentally unstable
no room for that here
leave your problems at the door
let your hair down
get out on the dancefloor
nobody staring
ain't nobody caring
can't hear anyway
cause the music is blaring

now the party's rockin'
and there ain't no stoppin'
and to keep it jumpin'
we need the music pumpin'

let's get this party started
we'll let you get retarted
we only want to play
so where my dogs at?
where my girls at?

c'mon, c'mon everybody!

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