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Dog Eat Dog - ESB lyrics

For real - right!
now hear this original Dr. RD
longside DED
coming with original ESB - see
special dedication to all the hard working people out there
come in

my mother would say there'd be days like this
the boss is a jerk it's getting you pissed
sometimes it makes you wanna quit - I know
you gotta have faith
remember be strong
it's not a race
it's a marathon
you set that pace and you carry on - go on

this one's for the loser
buyer and the user
endless self abuser keep trying again
this one's for the dreamer
plotter and the schemer
endless self believer
keep dreaming believing

yo we never give up the fight
is how how I really tell it to you
JC a what the the man a dem say?
come in one more time - watch this

some people believe
life is a test
but others don't know
but they still do their best
why try to make sense of that mess?
Yo I don't!
but you follow your heart
honor you dream
never give up

time hard
when you would rob back yard
but get back on your feed
and collect your reward
time tuff
man in the life it get rough
you not keep up the buff
come down with the right stuff
time bad
even though you may sad
never let them get you down
never let them get you mad
times high
so you fe wipe off the cry
you fe get yourself together
kiss the bad times goodbye

but you follow your heart
honor the dream
never give up
you gotta believe

sometimes you may stumble
and you can't keep the pace
and your head hit the ground
and you fall from the race
you no fall from grace
keep your head up real high
and show them a happy face
pick yourself and get back in the game
lace up your shoe
and go mash it up again
kill them if you hungry
and blaze for your frame
if you're born to be a winner
put misfortune to shame

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