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Dog Eat Dog - IN TIME lyrics

We live just for today,
now is not yesterday,
tomorrow's another day in live.
I heard that growth is slow,
that's not the way it goes,
variety's the spice of life.

My life,
We're not the same, growing came,
Who can explain why we change?

The wheel in motion now,
prepare for ups and downs,
sunshine and dark and cloudy skies.
Those things we want to say,
Allways seem to fade away,
This pain is what we recognize.

In time,
We're not the same, growing came,
try to maintain even plain.

There's a rhyme for every reason,
a time for every season,
to grow in our lives it's just natural.
Move with the transition, constantly in motion,
modify the model, feel the physical mutation.

The body grows along with the mind,
compel the soul with cycles and lines.
Sensation, pain you feel in your brain
Reduce the strain embrace the gain.

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