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Dog Eat Dog biography 1998 - 2003

Dog Eat Dog may be a household name to people nowadays, an overnight sensation to others, but there's a lot more to the story than that, so here goes...

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1998-1999 Amped and dissapointment
In 1998, After almost 2 years of constant touring, DED decided it was time to start working on new material. So they got together and worked in a studio 4 days a week and wrote 15 new songs in a few short months. These songs would turn out to be the AMPED record.

They went down to Washington, D.C. to record with ITALRIC, an old friend of Brandon's who owns his own studio. The band spend nearly 10 months working on their album, and considered it to be their finest work yet. The album included huge songs like "EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED", "ONE DAY", and "BIG WHEEL", with hardcore classics such as "GANGBUSTERS", and "MODERN DAY DEVILS", as well as tapping into funk with "WHATEVER MAN", featuring Heartbeat on vocals on percussion, and "RIGHT OUT", utilizing the 3 vocal front line they use so well live. The critically accliamed album was released in the summer of 1999, with "EXPECT" being the first single and video, but after being very disappointed by it's label support, DED was encouraged to leave Roadrunner records after 7 long years.

2000-2003 Touring, more touring, even more touring
The band toured the globe on its own, ripping apart every stage, and satisfying every audience it was in front of for another 2 years straight. Finding itself without proper management, DED were unable to secure a new record label, and many people even thought the band had broken up. DED weren't sure what the future would bring.

During this time (2002-2003) some band members persued other musical projects to keep busy. Dave and Sean reunited with Dan Nastasi and Mucky Pup drummer Booge, and formed the band ALL BORO KINGS. This project was a throwback to the early days of DED focusing on a more hardcore and punk style. The band was signed to Century Media and released their debut album "Just For The Fun Of It" in 2002. The guest list included John Connor, ex-sax man Scott Mueller, Jimmy Gestapo from Murphy's Law, and Doug Wilson too! ABK toured with Biohazard, Agnostic Front, and Hatebreed as part of the Eastpack Resistance tour that year.

In 2003 Dave formed another band called LOWBUZ with some local NJ friends and released their first E.P., while Sean played guitar for various NYC hardcore bands including Murphy's Law and Harley's War.

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